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Haste was founded and created in early 2021 by two friends and industry veterans, Carlos Pecino (aka ColorSponge) and Ash Thorp, in an effort to push the boundaries of photorealism and design in the automotive world. 

Haste is a purely passion driven partnership fueled by a mutual and immense adoration of automotive evolution.  Each conceptual build is a way for us to pay tribute to past icons, the cars we grew up with and love.  MHC vehicles are computer generated imagery created through our lens of a fresh perspective with contemporary modifications.

Our leading ambition is to bring our automotive creations to life in a real world application.

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Carlos Pecino - Colorsponge

Carlos Pecino, aka ColorSponge, is a 3D artist with more than 15 years of creative experience in the digital world. His early development started with being a self-taught architectural infographic artist, working for small studios in Malaga, Spain. After many years engaged in architectural 3D visualization, he expanded his skillset to include additional diverse fields, such as photography, design, and composition.  By combining all these talents, he creates incredible hyper realistic images which have been showcased in a multitude of automotive advertising and films.

Ash Thorp

Ash Thorp is a multidiciplnary artist working in the VFX, motiongraphics, concept, directing field for over 15 years.  His passion and love for automotive started at a very early age as he would build and create his own automotive renditions and translate them to paper.  This love eventually evolved into 3D and taking his dreams and passions to reality.  Ash's automotive design work is responsible for the 2020 feature film The Batman as his designs of The Batmobile, batcycle and Drifter bike have become an icon of pop culture.  Always learning and always growing Ash's main goals in life is to share his passion of the craft with others and to create icons that will stand the test of time.


Haste is a multidisciplinary design studio specializing in automotive design and culture.

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